Frequently Asked Questions

How many meetings do I attend before I can join?
Each guest is required to attend two consecutive meetings before an application can be accepted. An inspection of an applicant’s place of business is a requirement of acceptance.

How many votes are required for acceptance into the chapter?
It depends on the size of the chapter. If the chapter contains fewer than thirty members, a minimum of three “No” votes can permit the chapter to deny membership. If there are more than thirty members, a minimum of 10% of the membership voting “No” is required to permit the chapter to deny membership.

What time should I arrive for the meeting?
Scottsdale Elite Networking breakfast meetings begin at 7:16 am SHARP and conclude at 8:31 am SHARP. Plan to arrive by 7:00 am to meet your new “Sales Force.”

How long do I have for my commercial?
Every member receives 30 seconds to pass tips, pay fines, and do their commercial. Begin with “this is the way you can best tip me,” and make the time count.

What is the “Lucky Devil” all about?
Each week a business card from the speaker of the previous week is placed under someone’s chair or plate. The person, if a member, is required to give a serious commercial for that person as if they were that person. This is to reinforce the importance of the speakers each week and to keep each member’s attention focused on the meeting.

What is the “Poker Folder” all about?
This is a tool to encourage new members to bring a qualified guest to the next meeting. Members who do take $5 from the tip bucket, while members who do not will be required to drop $5 into the tip bucket and keep the poker folder for an additional week. No member may hold the poker folder for more than two weeks. Only members with white badges are eligible for the poker folder.

What is a “Fiver Day” all about?
Normally, this occurs monthly to give members the opportunity to bring and introduce qualified guests. It is recommended that everyone bring a guest. Those who bring a qualified guest receive $5 from the tip bucket. Those who do not are required to put $5 into the tip bucket.

When do I get to Showboat and Speak?
The program chairperson sets a schedule so everyone has an opportunity make a presentation to the group about their product or service.

What do I do when I’m asked to be the Showboat person?
Showboating allows you to properly explain your business’s service and needs. You should arrive and set up your display of products or services by 6:45am sharp. Make a real effort to display your business; it will have have an enormous impact on the amount of tips you receive from other members.

How long do I have when I am the speaker?
Plan to talk for about ten minutes, with the last few minutes for questions.

Who tracks my attendance and who do I call if I’m going to miss a meeting?
Call the Vice-president in advance of the meeting that you are going to miss. You must attend at least 80% of all meetings.

What does Scottsdale Elite Networking International do for me?
Scottsdale Elite Networking International is a support structure for more than 400 chapters throughout the United States and Canada. Scottsdale Elite Networking International provides most materials at no charge to members and those materials are only a phone call away. It also provides full-time paid staff to assist the chapter in leadership and growth issues, including seminars for the Chapter President and Board of Directors. Full-time Regional/Area directors and managers as well as chapter Ambassadors help ensure that every chapter receives the support it needs to focus and expand its membership.